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  • Education First- A rural empowerment initiative “Education First” by Shree Raj Educational Centre in association with United Nations & A World At School & United Nations to bring together everyone who shares the common belief that every child has the right to go to school, without danger and without discrimination. Education First is the only partnering NGO in India for this global campaign.

Lives We Have Touched

Human life cannot be wasted. This realization led the Centre to initiate several social service projects for the moral, economic and spiritual uplift of the less-privileged fraternity around Parli.

Education Project

The noble Laureate Betty Williams said, “ONE is a large number. If you can help one individual, you will help TEN."

The Centre with its socio-economic welfare initiatives has emerged as a boon in the lives of the education-deprived pockets of Raigad District. Shree Raj Educational Centre at Raj Nagar in Parli is the first and only English medium school around a large area.

The Centre’s children are blessed with the blend of elementary and spiritual education.

Traversing through the scenic landscape in the bus provided by the school, sets the pace to enjoy a brand new day at school. School for them is synonymous to fun-filled learning where a free spirit is developed, one common thread that runs through them is that of Creativity.

Starting with only a few children, the school has in time drawn an ever increasing number.

Mr.J.K Joshi, the principal is an accomplished educationist of both national and international acclaim.

The inexhaustible spirit and everlasting smiles permeate an aura of eternal happiness and enthusiasm, inspiring them to take a leap of faith in life.

Women Empowerment

Undoubtedly, Women form the foundation for growth in society. One cannot undermine their contribution in harmoniously balancing the household needs. Initially the women at Parli were forced to pull out their children from school due to temporary job offer temptations. This finding brought the inception of SaNiSa viz.Shramik Naari Sangh, a society devoted to economic empowerment of women. Rightly named, its brand “Chaakri” meaning ‘seva’ or 'service’ is involved in training and manufacturing of ‘home taste’ delicacies and Tiffin Services at Parli and in Mumbai. There are several like Megha whose lives have moved from that of being less- privileged to being empowered. As a spectator it is interesting to watch these women engage themselves totally in work while humming a common folk tune. Amidst all this, proper care is ensured to maintain quality and hygiene standards.

‘Udaan’ the second brand under the society is a bridge between rural and urban creativity and mainly focuses on the upliftment of tribal women. The program trains women in making variety of handicraft products and taps their hidden talent.

Inspiring associates of SaNiSa family are young girls Prachi & Sneh. Prachi is a qualified Chocolatier from Le Cordon University, Australia who has set an example by launching ‘Divinite’ under the aegis of the society and employ needy women in packaging. The delectably delicious Divinite chocolates have become a favorite amongst the elite class. Likewise Puro brand is led by Niyati and Priyal, two young professionals who gave up their hi-profile corporate careers to set up a socio economic venture in aid of SaNiSa. Puro unit manufactures harmful chemical free bath and body products. SaNiSa’s products have already found their way to corporate and social gifting. To expand the reach and product range, it has already set the platform for formation of Self Help Groups around Parli and other cities.

Medical Services

The Raigad district mostly being a water scarce area has time and again posed a ‘health threat’ to the inhabitants as some villages have poor living conditions. Their ignorance has often led them to fall prey to conditions like anemia, malnutrition, respiratory infections and skin diseases.

This situation aroused the humanistic sentiment of the Centre volunteers. They took it up as their moral responsibility to improve their living conditions and health standards to protect human life and its dignity.

The Centre has made a provision of a dental and health clinic in the heart of the village making medical aid more easily accessible.

Regular Free Medical camps such as Vaccination, Pediatric, Cancer preventive, Hepatitis B and Gynecology check-up Camps continue to make a significant improvement in the health status of the villagers. The Annual Mega Eye camps include free cataract surgeries that are conducted with a mission to provide ‘vision to one and all.’

Raj Roti centre

Raj Roti centre is yet another initiative of the NGO which promises to provide healthy meals at a token rate to the working poor for 365 days a year.

All in all, the projects initiated by Shrimad Rajchandra Research Centre reflect a change that brings with it the seeds of joy, success, compassion combined with peace and wisdom that brings harmony of our thoughts, words and actions.