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Vitraag Vigyaan
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Shrimad Rajchandra

"Every living being is capable of becoming Self-realised; one who realises this is himself bound to become a Realised Soul" “I am not in any caste or creed. I am the Soul (Aatman) and believer of Soul!"

Shrimad Rajchandra (1867-1901), initially known as Raychandbhai Ravjibhai Mehta, and later respectfully called Param Krupaludev by his disciples, was born on November 9, 1867.

Shrimad Rajchandra's life was very short, he lived for 33 years only, but in this very short time He composed eternal compositions, which is the testimony of His very high state of spiritual awareness. He wrote prose, poetry and literature on various topics. He conducted his business and also fulfilled his worldly responsibilities with a neutral approach, thus canceling his karmas every moment.

He concentrated only on progressing on the path of Self-Purification, which was his main objective and final goal. He practiced self-control by going into solitude, Meditation, silence and detachment to realize the endless supreme strengths of the soul. He paved the path for those who aspired to know their souls and set an example on how to lead on the path towards salvation.

He was a rare person to have attained the supreme state of the soul in this era. He led His life like any other normal person, occupied with family and business life and during his lifetime very few people came to know Him or understood his state of an almost All-Knower Soul. Today, even 105 years after his departure, whoever understands his writings, feel a sense of connectivity and unity with him. They gain experience from His teachings and realize that their life is getting better in every aspect.

Shree Prem Acharyaji (Param Pujya Pappaji)

"A revolutionary Spiritual Soul!"
Founder, Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre"

Shree Prem Acharyaji, fondly known to all as Param Pujya Pappaji, has been an enterprising individual since youth and tasted success early in business with exposure to diverse industries during 1950-1970.

He founded the Asiatic Group of companies in the year 1955, at a young age of 25, when he started India’s first factory to manufacture zinc chloride at Kolkata. His vision and business acumen directed the expansion of business that raised the manufacturing facilities of the company to 11 factories spread across the country. He introduced his innovation of special battery grade “ZINC CHLORIDE” to several European companies, and Asiatic Chemicals emerged as the sole supplier to leading Dry-Cell battery manufactures of India, enjoying a monopoly for 40 years.

Endowed with an exemplary thinking power, he infiltrated into the depths of reasons behind his existence and success. His deep contemplation on his success - whether it was his intellect, his hard work, his destiny or God’s special choice - unfolded his spiritual side.

Shree Prem Acharyaji, not the one to believe in religion blindly, put himself to several tests and believed things only after experimenting. He realized that Lord Mahavir's identity for the past 2000 years has unfortunately been restricted as the 24th Tirthankara and His scriptures have appealed largely only to Jains across the globe.

Shree Prem Acharyaji munificently makes the appeal that the research of Self-realized Souls is universally applicable and can be the source of divine peace for everyone. He reiterates that the universal and scientific findings of Mahavir should not be the proprietary right of a select few, and the rest of the world should not remain deprived of this great soul's purest influence. His revolutionary statement – “The world knows Mr. Mahavir but not Bhagwan Mahavir” - amazed people, forcing them to revisit their approach towards Jainism.

His profound knowledge on ‘karma science’ made him emerge as a highly revered spiritual soul. Shree Prem Acharyaji’s timeless contribution to the world extends through re-awakening of ‘Vitraag Vigyaan’, which has made multitudes experience the depths of silence, bliss and peace. Despite this unique Kshayopsham (thinking power), he is one who does not encourage blind faith but inspires seekers to think, experience and then have faith in the philosophy.

His spiritual experience is captured in various CDs/DVDs and Books published through Spiritual Impressions Pvt. Ltd. Glimpses of his vast knowledge are reflected in his books ‘Mahavir na bodh ne patra kaun’, ‘Apurva Vichaar’, ‘Paribhraman ni sampoorna ahuti’, ‘Samyak Darshan Ka Niwas’ and ‘Swachand’.

A truly insightful personality, he is an inspiration to the modern generation in harmonizing the materialistic and spiritual worlds. He has sown the seed of Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre to spread the universal message of self-liberation through Vitraag Vigyaan for Self-Realization!

Under his guiding vision, the Trust has been recipient of Best Management of an NGO award. Spiritual discourses are conducted all across the world having centres at USA, Dubai, London, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Jabalpur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Dhule, etc.

  • Shree Prem Acharyaji