Vitraag Vigyaan
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  • Param Gyaan Sabha- Next session on 09th December, 2018. Timing: 9:00 AM onwards. Sessions in Gujarati. Everyone is invited.

  • Education First- A rural empowerment initiative “Education First” by Shree Raj Educational Centre in association with United Nations & A World At School & United Nations to bring together everyone who shares the common belief that every child has the right to go to school, without danger and without discrimination. Education First is the only partnering NGO in India for this global campaign.

Know Us

The Research Centre is dedicated towards dissemination of peace based on 'Vitraag Vigyaan' Spiritual Study.

‘Vitraag Vigyaan’ respects all beliefs and embraces all philosophies, yet breaks through limiting beliefs and ideologies. With a neutral approach, Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre provides a platform to one and all to quench their thirst for true happiness and peace.

Our Vision & Mission

The Vision and Mission of the Centre is to research, practice, achieve and spread awareness of the philosophy and science of Self-realisation (Aatma Gyan) and the functioning of the Universe, which leads to Eternal Peace or Mukti, i.e. liberation from bondages.


This liberation has been experienced by Vitraag Bhagwants and reiterated through Shrimad Rajchandra by respecting all beliefs, faiths, practices and paths.

Board of Trustees

  • Pujyashree Nilesh Mehta

    Managing Trustee

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    Pujyashree Nilesh Mehta is a leading industrialist with an experience of almost 30 years in manufacturing Inorganic Chemicals. His meticulous and in-depth analytical nature also made him discover his affinity towards spirituality. He has been keenly observing and delving upon the principles of Vitraag Vigyaan and the science of karmas, as explained by Param Krupaludev Shrimad Rajchandra. His profound contemplation and introspection is evident when asked a question or a doubt by a spiritual aspirant.

  • Shri Naresh Goshar

    Proprietor – Technics Unlimited.

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    Shri Naresh Goshar comes from a background of Construction & Development and is a leading businessman in Mumbai. His company is known for maintaining high standards in Quality Construction Services for Residential and Commercial Property. Belonging to a very affluent family known as kings of Tarpaulins in his community, his humility and willingness to take on any task for the Research Centre is striking.

  • Jignesh Shah

    Chairman at Stature Group of Companies.

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    Shri Jignesh Shah undertakes Land Development & Construction across Maharashtra & Gujarat. He is dynamic, a go-getter, extremely strong-willed and has the ability to juggle multiple roles all at once. Strict and benevolent at the same time, his strong administrative skills in project planning and execution make him an invaluable asset to the Organization.

  • Shri Dilip Doshi

    Partner at Texchem Sales Corporation & V J Chemicolor Co.

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    Shri Dilip Doshi started business at Kolkata as a marketing company representing BASF India and Dystar India, including Singapore and Germany as their sole distributor for eastern India; and is now manufacturing chemicals for textile industries since the last 6 years. His business acumen, leadership skills and charming personality make him a favorite role model among youngsters.

  • Shri Nitin Shah

    Managing Director at Sapna-Group of Companies, India.

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    Shri Nitin Shah is a visionary. He has been instrumental in the phenomenal expansion of Sapna Book House and making it a household name in Bengaluru for almost two decades now. Having held various prestigious posts at a variety of organizations and a recipient of many awards, he brings with him years of vast experience and knowledge. Though a man of few words, his ability to get along with elders and youngsters alike makes everyone take an instant liking to him.

  • Shri Chirag Mody

    Partner at Knitkraft - The Corporate Clothing Co.

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    Shri Chirag Mody is a well established Entrepreneur who has grown from setting a small start-up in 2005 to a large firm with an enviable list of over 80 national & multinational clients in India. Equipped with a Bachelorette in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, he is creative, innovative, loves technology to the core and brings out-of-the-box solutions on board.

  • Shri Sanjay Gala

    Retailer of Garments.

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    Shri Sanjay Gala is a role model of today’s youth wanting to do something for the society. He has excellent skills to execute a task from start to end, tremendous capacity to work under stress, and can handle any situation with ease. Not one to back out when the going gets tough, he is ever ready to take on new challenges and emerge with alternate solutions.

  • 2001

    ‘Vitraag Vigyaan’ Research Centre

    Shree Premacharyaji Param Pujya Pappaji announces the establishment of Shrimad Rajchandra Gyan Ashram to set up a Research Centre in Maharashtra to propound the ‘Vitraag Vigyaan’ philosophy that is the core teaching of Enlightened Masters since time immemorial.

  • 2003

    Foundation Stone of the Research Centre, Parli

    Laying of Foundation Stone of the Research Centre at Parli in Raigad District of Maharashtra

  • 2004

    Inauguration of the ‘Mini Community Centre’

    Inauguration of the ‘Mini Community Centre’ alongwith Accommodation facilities, leading to the nativity of new area Raj Nagar. Beginning this year, the Centre continues to conduct spiritual camps round the year on topics such as Principles of Karma, The source of Happiness, Relationship Management, Discover it Within, Path of Self-Realisation, and likewise subjects that attracts people from age groups of ten to ninety and from all walks of life.

  • 2006

    Social Welfare Projects across Parli

    Commencement of socio-economic welfare projects for the tribal and under-privileged community of Parli through Medical Camps, Make-shift school and Vocational Training Centre

  • 2008

    Shree Raj Educational Centre, Medical Centre, Roti Centre & Shramik Naari Sangh

    The socio-economic welfare projects have a very positive impact on the community leading to these projects taking a formal shape under the aegis of Shree Raj Educational Centre, Shree Raj Medical Centre, Shramik Naari Sangh and Shree Raj Roti Centre expanding the reach to more number of beneficiaries through these initiatives Raj International Youth Forum is established to undertake interactive spiritual sessions for youth and guide them towards virtuous values

  • 2010

    Rechristened as 'Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre'

    The name of the NGO is changed to Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Centre to reflect the objectives of the NGO. A grand Mega Mahotsav is celebrated over 7 days at Jodhpur in Rajasthan to commemorate the coming together of people from all over the world who have treaded to walk the ‘Vitraag Vigyaan’ path Formal organisation structure is formed to have a unified methodology across the 20 Centres

  • 2013

    ‘Mera Yogdaan Inke Liye’ Initiative

    The Research Centre completes a decade and announces the second-phase developmental activities through the ‘Mera Yogdaan Inke Liye’ initiative

  • 2014

    Independent School, Chaakri Mahila Gruh Udyog, Dental & Healthcare Centres

    Work commenced on setting up a larger independent School to enable education facilities upto Higher Secondary. Chaakri Mahila Gruh Udyog is inaugurated that can employ upto 100 rural women. Shree Raj Medical Centre sets up a Dental and Health Centre to offer medical services at subsidised rates

  • 2015

    First Temple & Community Centre in East India

    The first ever Temple and community centre in East India is inaugurated through the auspicious hands of Shree Premacharyaji Param Pujya Pappaji in the presence of thousands of enthusiastic devotees.